Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Ingrown Hair

You no doubt appreciate the look and the feel of silky smooth, hair free skin and because of that, chances are you’re all too familiar with those ugly, sometimes painful, ingrown hairs that can occur. Ingrown hairs are common in adults who shave, wax or epilate in order to achieve a hair free outcome, however laser hair removal can actually eradicate the problem of ingrown hairs for good.

Before going into the benefits of laser hair removal for ingrown hair, we need to take a look at what ingrown hair is and what causes it.

Ingrown hair: what it is and how it is causedBenefits of Laser Hair Removal for Ingrown Hair Ingrown hair refers to when hair grows backward or sideways into the skin. The hair itself curls in on itself, preventing it from erupting through the skin as hair normally does when it grows as it should. It is caused mainly by shaving, or other actions where the hair is cut very close to the skin by a sharp object.

When the hair becomes trapped underneath the skin’s surface, it can be quite painful due to inflammation, and infection and pus build up can often also be detected.

Often, ingrown hair will take on the appearance of a boil or pimple. Sometimes it is also possible, in the centre of the inflamed area, to see the imbedded hair.

The treatment of ingrown hair and benefits of laser hair removal for ingrown hair

Often, people reach for the tweezers or even a sewing needle in an effort to free the embedded ingrown hair, however this can actually create scarring and cause considerable pain. Alternatively, over the counter ingrown hair treatments are available at pharmacies.

All too often though, ingrown hair will become a recurring problem for anybody who shaves, waxes or epilates in an effort to remove hair. The only way you can try to prevent ingrown hair if you use these hair removal methods is by taking the time to exfoliate, in order to help the hair penetrate the skin’s surface.

If you’re after a total and lasting solution the benefits of laser hair removal for ingrown hair may be the answer! Laser hair removal is the most effective, permanent way to prevent ingrown hair for good. That’s because without hair growing, ingrown hair simply cannot occur. Laser hair removal targets individual hair follicles and kills them, so hair will never be produced by them again.

That’s welcome news to anybody who appreciates silky smooth, hair free skin – and skin that’s free of unsightly and often painful ingrown hair!

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