Ingrown Hair Removal Treatments

All Questions Answered On Ingrown Hair Removal

Ingrown hair removal has long been quite a tricky problem to treat. These ingrown hairs are usually the result of various traditional techniques of trying to get rid of the strands that are seen on the skin in the first place. In the past, removing excess or unwanted body or facial hair meant resorting to waxing, shaving or plucking, all of which may often lead to individual follicles to regrow into the human skin, which creates red painful bumps that we know as ingrowns.

Though, with this in mind, more and more people are learning of alternative methods to these traditional techniques, one that also does away with the annoying side effects. Laser by Reemas Laser Clinic, the most respected laser clinic for ingrown hair removal in Sydney, uses the most up-to-date technological innovations in the laser industry to provide customers a permanent, painless solution.

If you find yourself regularly suffering from irritating adverse effects of ineffective hair removal techniques and would like to know more about getting rid of the constant bother and core, contact us and we’ll help you today.

What are ingrown hairs and how can I treat them?

Ingrown hairs are created when a certain strand doesn’t totally erupt for the follicle, thus regrowing on itself under your skin. Even though this often occurs in regions where the skin has been waxed or shaved, it can actually crop up in any area.

How can our lasers help ingrown hair removal?

Our sophisticated laser treatments destroy the hair follicle, disabling its ability to support hair growth. After your ingrown hair removal session in Fairfield Heights, any damage that is made by the wayward follicle will ultimately heal naturally. Even when it may get infected, one single session may kick off the healing process, leading to immediate results.

Takes zero time off of your schedule!

The treatment process of ingrown hair removal in Liverpool & Fairfield Heights takes only about 5-15 minutes to fully treat the smaller areas like the armpits, bikini lines or the face. Larger areas may take a bit longer, but one single session of ingrown hair removal won’t take any more time than your regular lunch hour.

Why do you get undesired hair?

Hormonal modifications that women experience may often lead to unwanted body or facial hair. Unfortunately, removing such hair via common remedies usually leads to ingrown hairs and the need for ingrown hair removal in Parramatta.

How many ingrown hair removal treatments are required?

You will probably need several sessions of ingrown hair treatments that are spaced out every month & a half, depending on the kind of hair you’ve been planning to eliminate. The overall sum of ingrown hair may be discussed with your designated therapist before treatment initiation. Though, don’t worry if you can’t see any fuzz or stubble and your date of appointment is getting closer. You don’t need to wait for hair regrowth in order to successfully go through the ingrown hair removal procedure.

How can laser hair removal in Sydney help?

This method is effective because it works to convert light energy to thermal energy. This heat later impairs the hair follicle so that it doesn’t support the growth of hair any longer. This is the exact same principle implemented for ingrown hair.

How is this a superior method?

It’s simple: permanent elimination! Different from the physical depilatory methods, laser ingrown hair removal renders every single follicle sterile, thus making ingrown hairs nothing but a negative memory. During your initial appointment, the strands that are treated will immediately stop growing and will begin to heal. Other ingrown hair removal methods can’t product the same length of effect.

Choose laser by Reemas Laser Clinic in Penrith

If you truly want to effectively achiever stubble-free and smooth skin, contact us today. We pride ourselves on our exceptional honesty and professionalism when working with our various clients, as well as bringing forward the most wanted results. Simply call us or visit our clinic today!

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