Painless Brazilian Hair Removal

Brazilian Hair Removal Procedures In Reema’s Clinic Are Second To None

Brazilian hair removal in Sydney is quickly becoming the latest rage in hair removal treatments available for women & men. More and more females and males around the planet are going with the option of being sexy and smooth down there and to entirely remove that unwanted pesky hair. Brazilian hair removal in Fairfield heights is a procedure that can make that happen.

What exactly does “Brazilian” mean? Well, it means everything in the area down there, from the front to the back, including the entire public region, vulva (inner and outer labia), perineum & anus. If someone doesn’t want to get completely bald in this area, then she can choose to have some hair left in the front in a patch, strip or whatever shape desired.

Brazilian hair removal treatments at Reema’s Laser Clinic

Historically, in order to achieve that desired Brazilian look, women had to painfully endure shaving, waxing, plucking and creams. Hours of endless pain and ingrown hairs, all of which need to be repeated in just a few weeks time. Our Brazilian hair removal in Liverpool procedure can permanently provide that well-groomed, smooth look all year long, without the difficult pain of repeating the process. Our laser hair removal treatment can also take care of ingrown hair removal in the bikini line and pubic region, and can effectively provide sufferers a permanent solution to this undesired condition.

Our Brazilian hair removal treatment in Parramatta is one of our most popular procedures. The Brazilian hair removal procedure is performed by our specialists in our accredited laser clinic in a professional and discreet manner. The entire procedure only takes several minutes to complete, and is just about free of pain. Using the most up-to-date Dynamic Cooling techniques, our Brazilian laser procedures does away with messy creams and gels.

A few common questions:

How many sessions are required?

The majority of patients need around 4 to 6 treatment sessions, depending on the hair and skin type. We perform our hair removal procedures in Sydney and Fairfield Heights using the best laser – Gentlease. Clients generally need a laser session every six to seven weeks, until the designated area is entirely free of hair. Once the hair is finally gone, you can happily say goodbye to shaving, shavings bumps and rash, creams and waxing – for good!

Will the Brazilian hair removal procedure hurt?

Our Brazilian hair removal treatments in Parramatta barely hurts. We can confidently say that it hurts a whole lot less than traditional waxing methods! Using our medical grade Gentlease laser, the procedure is over within only 10 minutes. This is a top-of-the-line laser that offers maximum comfort and optimal results. We may apply a cool chilling spray to protect the treated skin areas, which also provides pain relief if needed.

Post-treatment instructions?

For the best results after your hair removal laser treatment, you have to refrain from waxing or plucking any regrowing hair. Plucking and waxing may temporarily get rid of the hair follicle, while hair removal creams or shaving do not. We will provide specific instructions to help you achieve the best possible results.

What laser is used?

By far, the best laser for performing Brazilian hair removal treatments is the GentleLase laser. Why? Since it is the most comfortable and convenient laser in the industry and creates consistent and outstanding hair removal solutions in nearly all types of skin.

Why our laser clinic?

Reema’s laser clinic is the premier center for Brazilian hair removal treatments in Sydney and Liverpool. All of our laser clinicians are specialists who undergo extensive training by dermatologists.

Our professional team at Reema’s Laser Clinic are constantly committed to providing optimal services and outcomes for your Brazilian hair removal treatments. Our team is highly trained and follow the most strict principles of care, allowing you to rest assure that your experience with us will be a 10 out of 10.

We believe that our highly valued clients deserve the best services with a friendly, relaxing and strictly hygienic clinic experience, along with the top-range products and technologies.

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