Our Elos Plus Hair Removal Treatment clinic maintains its expertise on a handful of services, which both genders can enjoy. We thrive on our exclusive medical-grade equipment & technology, thereby ensuring that your experience is 100% safe and secure.

The Elos Plus – All you need to know

‘ELOS’ is an acronym of electro-optical-synergy.

Elos plus is a high-tech device that functions for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, acne treatment, leg veins, as well as other various vascular lesion solutions.

The Elos plus hair removal treatment brings together two energies in order to properly treat the skin, being the first technology worldwide to integrate both optical energy and bipolar Radio frequency in one single device.

elos plus hair removal

How Does Elos Plus Function?

The technology of Syneron elōsplus, unites two distinct energies (light or laser) together with bipolar radio frequency energy, in order to detach undesired hair, acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, leg veins, as well as other various vascular lesion solutions.

The merger of the two distinct energies enhances the safety factor for treatment solutions on all different skin types. When targeted onto your skin, the destined region absorbs light, which transforms to heat, ultimately destroying adjacent cells. Our elōsplus Motif Applicator has various effects on the hair colours, unlike traditional lasers such as the Candela GentleLASE.

elos plus hair removal fuction

Amount Of Treatments Required For Hair Removal In Sydney?

Usually, 6 to 10 treatment sessions are needed at intervals of 4 weeks for the initial 4 treatments. After the 4th course has been favorably completed, a rebook will be made for five weeks, then six weeks and the pattern continues.

Maintenance courses may be needed every 3 to 12 months.

The final outcomes vary between patients, which are not guaranteed since the ultimate results may alter due to medications and hormones.

elos plus hair removal how it works

What Do I Need To Do Before Starting The Hair Removal Treatments?

  • We highly suggest using SPF 30+
  • No sun exposure or tanning for a minimum of one month after a treatment, since this may lead to darkening of your skin, also called hyperpigmentation.
  • Clients must pause treatment for 1 week after Botox injections.
  • Clients must pause treatment for 1-2 week after the use of natural fillers, such as Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, and others.
  • Clients who have synthetic fillers, such as silicone, in the targeted treatment region cannot undergo treatment.
  • Treatment regions need to be shaved, as hair absorbs optical energy, thereby altering final results.
  • No use of topical creams 2-3 days before treatment begins.
  • All patients must reach our clinic with their skin completely clean. No perfume, powder, deodorant, make-up, lotion etc. on targeted treatment regions.
  • Dental braces, crowns, caps and various metal implants tend to make the region highly sensitive.

What Can I Anticipate Following Elos Plus Hair Removal Treatment?

  • Right after treatment, you may experience swelling of hair follicles or redness, which can last 1 to 72 hours or even more.
  • You may feel a ‘sunburn’ feeling on treated regions
  • Do not perform exercise/massages/hot baths for 48 hours after every treatment.
  • It is crucial to keep treated areas cool via Cool Packs, Cold Water, and Cold Aloe-Vera Gel
  • Do not tan or get exposed to the sun for a minimum of 1 month after every treatment session, as this often leads to darkening of skin, also called hyperpigmentation.
  • Never scratch or pick treated areas.

Before & After Photos

elos plus hair removal before and after

elos plus hair removal before and after

elos plus hair removal before and after

ELOS Hair Removal Price List

Cheeks @ $25Lip @ $15
Front or Back Neck @ $30Chin @ $15-$25
Front & Back Neck @ $50Underarms @ $25
Face @ $65Full Face @ $55
Full Back @ $250Brazilian @ $55
Full Chest @ $200Full Legs @ $300
Touch Ups @ $55 per 5 minsTouch Ups @ $55 per 5 mins

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