What is Cellulite – A Common Problem with a Simple Solution

There are many people who think models and celebrities don’t experience problems regarding cellulite. However, this is nothing but a misconception. Celebrities also suffer from such problems. They just have a better understanding about what is cellulite, and take necessary steps to resolve the problems. It won’t be wrong to say that almost every woman suffers from excess cellulite in some area of the body.

In most people, cellulite is found in the stomach, lower limbs and pelvis region. Most cases of excess cellulite are caused by unnecessary fat buildup during a woman’s puberty years. According to research and studies, it’s easy to eliminate cellulite with different treatment methods. Whether you’re living in Sydney, Fairfield Heights, Liverpool or Parramatta, you can seek professional help from Reemas Laser Clinic. Before we discuss treatment options, here’s an overview of what is cellulite and it’s causes.

Hormones – Many hormones, such as Estrogen, Prolactin, Insulin and Noradrenaline play a very important role in the production and elimination of cellulite. When there’s an imbalance of such hormones in the body, it causes cellulite buildup.

Genetics – According to scientists, some types of genes also cause cellulite buildup. Students suggest that some people are more prone to cellulite problems than others.

Diet – When you wonder what cellulite is, you need to focus on your diet. Eating too much carbs, salt, high fat foods, low amount of fiber and other such food items can cause unnecessary cellulite buildup in your body.

Lifestyle – Smoking, lack of exercise, laid back attitude, alcohol and many other lifestyle factors cause a cellulite problem.

Clothing – If you wear very tight clothes or undergarments, it can restrict your blood flow. This can cause cellulite buildup in your body.

What is Cellulite & Cellulite Treatments Available

In the last few years, many people in Sydney, Fairfield Heights, Liverpool and Parramatta have been looking for cellulite treatments. VelaShape II offered by the Reemas Laser Clinic is considered the best treatment program. However, before we discuss this program, let us talk about other treatment methods.

Cellulite Creams – One of the most cost effective and common cellulite treatments is the cellulite cream. Most creams contain all natural ingredients, which make your skin smoother and softer. There are many different kinds of topical cellulite creams that come in the form of foams or oils. Some people also believe that the effectiveness of topical creams is supported by the massaging action on the skin’s surface.

Electric Muscle Stimulation – This is another type of cellulite treatment quite popular in the market. In this process, pads are properly placed on your body, and electric currents pass through these pads. This causes your muscles to relax and contract. A similar treatment method is an endermatic vibrator system. This device generates vibrations that stretch the connective fibers in your skin and improve blood circulation. Thus, your body gets rid of excess cellulite.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – As the name suggests, this is a unique massage technique that drains your lymphatic system of all the excess fluid and toxins. It also promotes proper circulation in your lymphatic system, and restricts fluid from loading and solidifying with fat cells. Some other methods of draining your body of toxins, such as hydro therapies and saunas, are also used for preventing and treating cellulite. These treatment methods are used under the assumption that cellulite is caused by toxin buildup in the body.

Liposuction – This is one of the most popular cellulite treatment methods. It removes the fat deposits between the layers of your skin and muscle. However, it’s an invasive procedure, and may cause some side effects. It’s always considered the last resort.

VelaShape II – A laser treatment is always the best choice to get rid of cellulite. VelaShape II is the best solution to make sure you look your best. The treatment is offered by one of the most popular and reputed laser clinics in Sydney. Professionals working at Reemas make sure you notice exceptional results without any side effects. Reemas now offer body contouring services for clients in Sydney, Fairfield Heights, Liverpool, Parramatta and other local suburbs.

If you want to know more about what cellulite is and this treatment method, you can give a call at (02) 9727-2747. A representative from the company will discuss everything with you, and explain how this method works. You can even visit the website to gather more information, and go through various customer reviews and testimonials about VelaShape II. If you’re looking for an effective, safe and affordable cellulite treatment method, VelaShape II will be your best choice.

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